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The Training Challenge

Now that I've faced the fact that this will be an imperfect endeavor (and indeed it already is!), I can get over it and just move forward.

I posted on Youtube my training challenge for myself for the beginning of this year:

I told myself I was going to post one video a week from one of the following categories:

  1. Scent work with morel mushrooms - I really know nothing about training scent work, but thought it would be fun to explore. What better way than to combine two of my passions together - dogs and mushrooms! It has to be possible to train a dog to search for the elusive morel, right? I'm sure it is! The only question is, can I do it? Can Rio or Roscoe do it? Well, I'm not sure but all we can do is try!

  2. Freestyle Routine - Rio and I have been working on this forever really. I just have to get over my fears and really focus on chaining these behaviors. It is definitely an imperfect adventure. We are having lots of fun though. Eventually, I'm sure we will post the whole song and routine, but for right now I don't even have it all planned out.

  3. Agility - Weave pole training - Roscoe and I have been working on this. At this point, however, I think I've realized that neither he nor I are really ready to work on weave poles. We've got to get back to foundations!


Freestyle Routine:

Weave Poles or Agility Foundations:

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